Sunday School Newsletter Winter 2018




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Sunday 9th September 2018 Noah Promises Creating our Sunday School Charter
Sunday 16th September 2018 Cain & Abel Family
Sunday 23rd September 2018 Holiday
Sunday 30th September 2018 Joseph Friendship / Forgiveness
Sunday 7th October 2018 Harvest Taking Care of our environment Eco Walk
Sunday 14th October 2018 Holiday
Sunday 21st October 2018 Holiday
Sunday 28th October 2018 Tower of Babel Building our church Visit from Property Convener
Sunday 4th November 2018 Parachute Fun Getting to know you Bring a friend week
Sunday 11th November 2018 Remembrance
Sunday 18th November 2018 Moses Leadership
Sunday 25th November 2018 Fayre arts and crafts peparation Teamwork

Christmas Fayre


Sunday 2nd December 2018 Nativity Story
Sunday 9th December 2018 Nativity Story
Sunday 16th December 2018 Nativity Story

Nativity Play in Church Hall at 11.45am

Christmas Party

2pm – 4pm

Sunday 23rd December 2018 Holiday
Sunday 30th December 2018 Holiday
Sunday 6th January 2018 Christingle story Symbolism

Christingle Service



Our Sunday School Charter


We have been very busy at Sunday School updating our Sunday School Charter.20180909_114327

God made us a promise

The rainbow is the sign of his promise

We will try our best to keep these promises which we have agreed on together.

Our charter includes:

  • We promise to listen to each other
  • We promise to give each other a smile
  • We promise to learn more about God
  • We promise to respect each other
  • We promise to take turns
  • We promise to share with each other

Check our facebook page and website to see how our community wall grows!

Breakfast brings results!


A HUGE THANK YOU to all who supported our Big Breakfast for Christian Aid through their attendance and donations.

We raised the amazing sum of £443.00!

That’s 176 meals for refugees or 8 stoves for people to use to cook their own meals! Thanks so much for your generosity and support.

‘Keep my commandments’

‘If you love me keep my commandments’ ‘ A new command I give you: love one another.’

IMG_1898The ACTs team considered John: 14 v 15 and John 13:v  34-35, assisted by Jen the dog who, always keen on a day out, obligingly sat, gave a paw and stopped at the right places on a walk.

We then raced to remember all the commandments and thought about how we can show God we love him by following them day by day, just as the dog shows us she loves us by doing what we ask.


‘The Father in me’

The ACTs team used different (and tasty!) versions of popcorn to consider John 14:1-11 and how Jesus is part of God and God is part of Jesus.

We considered the different versions of each of us that there are and the items of clothing and kit that represent these. We also thought about the other different versions there are of us: the polite and thoughtful ones and the rude and mean ones.

We appreciated the God that is in all of us and thought about how we can focus on showing that version of us to others.


Not all is as it seems…

What do you see? 

The ACTS group puzzled over several optical illusions like these and which was the right way of seeing the image.


As we had also had some sun and a recent council election this week, we then had a debate over which was THE best ice-cream flavour (and then a short intermission to test the theory!)

Thinking further on this, we played an ice-cool penguin version of “snap”, where we had to spot the common features.


After reading Luke 24: 13-35, we discussed that it is easy to see things from only one perspective and that actually there was no correct way to see the pictures, and no best opinion on ice-cream. We noted that we may disagree with those around us, but we can still have several things in common with those who have different views from us. We realised it is important to recognise that, while we may not recognise him at first, there is something of God in everyone.