Not all is as it seems…

What do you see? 

The ACTS group puzzled over several optical illusions like these and which was the right way of seeing the image.


As we had also had some sun and a recent council election this week, we then had a debate over which was THE best ice-cream flavour (and then a short intermission to test the theory!)

Thinking further on this, we played an ice-cool penguin version of “snap”, where we had to spot the common features.


After reading Luke 24: 13-35, we discussed that it is easy to see things from only one perspective and that actually there was no correct way to see the pictures, and no best opinion on ice-cream. We noted that we may disagree with those around us, but we can still have several things in common with those who have different views from us. We realised it is important to recognise that, while we may not recognise him at first, there is something of God in everyone.