‘Reaching’ out to make a difference.

The ACTs Group were delighted to be able to present Crispin Longden and Liann Weir from the Church of Scotland Charity, Crossreach, on Sunday 31st January, the sum of £516 raised through the support of the congregation for their sponsored 24 hour ‘Unplug’ (from all electronic devices and TV) and the making and sale of Christmas decorations.


Iain Scott presenting a cheque to Liann Weir and Crispin Longden from Crossreach, on behalf of the ACTS group of David Parsons, David and Jonathan Buchanan, Alexander and Hazel Scott (other group members not pictured include Luke Wilson, Katie Neely, Hayleigh Paterson, Valerie Gibson and Shirley Frew.)

We were also very pleased that the team took the time to contribute so positively to our meeting that morning and to share with us, and the rest of the congregation, news of the important work of Crossreach.

One of the unique services supported by Crossreach is counselling for mothers and fathers who experience anxiety or depression before or shortly after having a baby. CrossReach is the sole provider of specialist pre-and postnatal counselling with crèche facilities in the whole of Scotland and the money raised would cover the cost of the first all-important session for 10 service users who otherwise might not have received any support. Another initiative is the Crossreach Sunflower Garden Project for children affected by drug or alcohol misuse in their families. Watch the video below to find out more about this.