Christmas Treasures

Well that was a Nativity with a difference!

While our entertaining narrator told a special version of the Christmas Story we raced at top speed to to collect treasure bags from specially selected members of the congregation, each containing a costume (and sweets!) and then gradually assembled our Nativity.

It was a whole congregation involving event and a great celebration of Gift that was given. Adults holding the bags seemed to have as much fun when we opened them as we did! Though we kept the sweets!

Here we are resplendent in full regalia and, even better, no-one had to learn any lines!


If you would like to try our version, you can download The Bothwell Christmas Story Treasure Hunt and Christmas treasure hunt slideshow for the cards that the adults hold and the Treasure Hunt Checklist. Please acknowledge us if you use it and do let us know if you like it. There is no charge but if you could donate a little to this ancient Church’s restoration, we would REALLY appreciate it! You can see behind us that there is a big bit of board blocking off the ancient part of the Church as we need to fix the stone roof there. You can find our more about this special place here. We are only little, but as they say..every little helps…