Making milk from grass and hard work

ACTs Group Farm Trip September 2015Cow with calf

Many thanks to Mr Andrew Miller of Newlands Farm for putting up with all our questions and taking time out to show us around his dairy farm today.

Things we won’t forget:

  • He gets up at 4 in the morning and works every day – even Christmas Day!
  • Cows are actually pretty big and as for the bull!
  • There was a calf that was born today!
  • It takes about 7.5 minutes to milk 12 cows.
  • Computers are used to help keep an eye on each cow which is just as well as there were over 150!
  • There is always something to be done on the farm – looking after the animals and making best use of the land.
  • It is important to invest in the buildings and equipment to ensure the animals are well looked after and the farm can keep running from generation to generation
  • A dog can herd cows!
  • Milk is healthy – full fat is only 3.6% fat
  • It is satisfying to make something useful

The visit was great fun and will be something to remember during Harvest Sunday next week (and when we do our weekly shopping!).