Clubs on Sundays starting back!

BPC Youth helping handsWe are REALLY looking forward to meeting up again after the summer break! All our regular clubs are back again on this Sunday, August 16th, replacing the holiday club.

Lots of new fun activities are planned and it will be great to see our regular friends and welcome some new faces too.

The Noah’s Ark Club and the Red Sea Club are meeting at 10.15
The ACTs club is meeting at 10.30

This year we will be trying a new routine – meeting in the halls and joining the adults in Church for the final part of the service rather than at the beginning. This means we will be able to tell the congregation what we have been up to in the halls! However, this first Sunday, we need time just to catch up with each other after the summer, so we will stay in the halls ’till after the service.

Hope to see you there!